Look What This Guy Did To His Cheating Girlfriend, He a Savage For This!!!

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Damn This was crazy!

Mother Pulls Out a Shotgun on Thug Trying To Break Into Her House!!!

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He made a Huge Mistake!!!

Ex Washington D.C. Police Officer Arrested On Prostitution Charges!!!

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Ex DC cop arrested for pimping teenage girls

Rapper Kevin Gates Arrested For Felony Murder Charge Upon Day of Release!!!

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What started out as a good day for the rapper ended up being the one of the worst days of his life. After serving a 180-day sentence for kicking a woman during a show in 2015, Kevin Gates is still in the Polk Coun...

Man Gets His Fingers Cut Off For Stealing Cocaine in Columbia!!!! (Warning Graphic)

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This was like watching Narcos

Dude Gets Knocked Out in Vegas By Guy in an Eeorye Onesie!!!!!

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LMAO just a loose loose situation

Black Woman Knocks Out White Man Who Repeatedly Calls Her The ‘N’ Word!!!!

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I'd be scared if she was my momma

Hospital Patient Fights With Police Officers & Then Dies Of Cardiac Arrest After He Was Restrained!

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St. Petersburg man dies at Largo Medical Center after fighting with police

Racist White Man Admits To Killing Man in New York Because He Was Black!!!

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Suspect Kills Black New Yorker In Racially Motivated Hate Crime

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