Everyone knows that Floyd Mayweather is easily one of the richest athletes on the planet and he’s probably used to getting whatever he wants in a split second. The undefeated boxer had eyes for a girl at a Las Vegas pool party in May and attempted to get his security to convince her to talk to him. There was only one problem: she was dating undefeated UFC fighter Aljamain Sterling.

Undefeated UFC fighter Aljamain Sterling was celebrating with his teammate Chris Weidman interrupted.

“I guess Mayweather was telling someone to call the girls and we both end up speaking to the guy. I was like, ‘I don’t think this guy realizes what he’s getting himself into.’ I don’t care how many guys he’s with, he needs to realize this isn’t the place where he just picks out any girl he wants and that’s not how it works over here by our section,” Sterling said.

“He was like ‘You guys can both come over’ and I was like ‘No thanks, I’m straight.’ And at the end of the day if my girlfriend went, it’s kind of like — she can obviously find her bags outside the hotel room, if you get my drift on that. But, so he sends that guy over and I pretty much tell him like it is — I’m an undefeated MMA fighter, you’re an undefeated boxer. If you really want to find out what’s better MMA or boxing today, you can come over and we can figure this out.”

“I would tune that guy up. I would light that guy up something serious. I’d light him up on the feet and then I’d take him down and choke him out. Any which way I wanted to. Any way I wanted. Let’s see how many punches he can throw before his ass is on the ground or he gets kicked in the head.”

How do you think this fight would have gone?



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