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Father Gets Killed While Holding His Son!!!

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This is so sad

Meanwhile In Toronto: A Girl Pleasures Herself With The Waterjets In A Fountain!

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tryna catch a quick one

McDonalds Employees Zip Tie and Abduct Woman In Broad Daylight!!!

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TF goin on?

Latino Gang Member Video Himself Stabbing A Bunch Of Black Women In Chicago (Graphic)

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wild disturbing footage

Bully Gets Knocked Out For Picking On Dude’s Little Brother at School!!!

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Damn he got slept

Kid Gets Hit By A Car Trying To Run Off On The Barber Without Paying!!!

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Boonk Gang Gone Wrong!

South Carolina Cop Gets Shot 4 Times At Point Blank Range! (*Warning* Graphic)

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Luckily he survived

Bruh: When Doing Extra Gets Your Azz Knocked Out!!!

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Back Flip Gone Wrong

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